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What Is A Reciprocating Saw Good For?

A reciprocating saw also called saber saw is one of the most useful tools for areas where most other tools fail, and this is because it is designed to do such a tough job. Its push and pull motion as well as the sharpened blade allows it to cut through pieces effectively and accurately.

What Is A Reciprocating Saw Good For?

This is no doubt one tool every wood workshop should have. Let us consider why you should have it by looking at 7 different purposes it can be used for briefly.

1. To Cut Metal and PVC Pipe

Are you a plumber, an AC installer or an electrician alike?

Then this is one tool you can use. In the course of carrying out your work, there are areas you might not necessarily be able to handle the use of a reciprocating saw safely. However, its double-faced and sharpened blade tip makes it easy for you as a woodworker, plumber or electrician to cut through metal easily. You can also make use of this reciprocating saw to pip PVCs at home or any building.

All you need to do when preparing to cut metal is to know what blade it requires. Fix the right blade and watch the reciprocating saw make your work effortless.

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2. To Replace Drywall

Electric pipes and cables can many times be destroyed by damaged areas of drywalls if not replaced quickly and effectively. Replacing drywall is not so much of an easy task as a lot is involved to see it happen. However, if you will be making use of a reciprocating saw for this purpose, you do not have to worry so much. All you have to do is to install a drywall blade on the saw and begin to cut the wall carefully until you reach the level of the drywall you desire. With a reciprocating saw, it is as simple as that.

3. To Groom Bushes and Trees

Reciprocating saws can also be used to groom trees and bushes perfectly well. Not only is it comfortable for use, but it is also efficient in its delivery. While making use of it, you have all the balance you need to groom the bush or tree well. It also doesn’t disappoint in the eventual outcome as the bush or tree groomed, looks perfect as desired.

4. To Cut Metal

Cutting of metal is something everyone would find difficult to do if you do not make use of the right tool needed for the purpose. Reciprocating saw remains the best metal cutting tool because of its design composition especially in blade and grip. You can hold firm to the saw as you carefully cut through the metal in the easiest way possible. You do not have to exert much strength as its blade is very sharp.

5. To Remove Linoleum and Tile Floors

Removing Linoleum and tile floors are not out of the scope of what a reciprocating saw can be used for. This happens when you have to demolish, renovate or work on new flooring. A scraping blade is what is needed to remove linoleum and tile floors. You have to install this blade to the saw and make use of it to quickly and neatly pull off the tile floors without any damage whatsoever.

6. To Fit Doors and Windows

Fitting doors and windows to buildings require precision to ensure quality noise, and thermal insulation is in place. A reciprocating saw can help you achieve this precision. It is best used to adjust the window or door cut giving room for any adjustments that might be needed along the fitting lines.

7. To Carry out Demolition

As much as the reciprocating saw can be used to build and fix, it can also be used to effect a demolition. Demolition is one of the best usages of a reciprocating saw. It can be used in removing thin walls, damaging furniture, cutting metal sheets, bricks, and wood. You can even use it to break into pieces big stones or bricks provided stronger blades have been installed.

For a DIY person, a reciprocating saw is the best tool you should look all out to have. It can help you in carrying out many activities per time quickly and effectively. If you are yet to own one, you should do that now!

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