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Stamina Aeropilates Reformer

If you’re thinking about buying a home palate, the aeropilate pro xp 556 and 557 are some of the top choices that you can make. Their performance is high-end, and they share many similarities with a studio reformer.

However, these do not require a commercial cost. At-home Pilates like these are the best things for people who wish to improve the quality of their workouts

What is Pilates?

They are a series of exercises which are done to enhance the core strengths of a person. It involves varying movements that challenge the body’s balance, flexibility, as well as coordination. Here, much emphases and attention are placed on the powerhouse of the body.

The body’s powerhouse consists of the muscles around the glutes, abs, lower back, and the thighs. This is why Pilates involves careful attention to posture, breathing and body awareness. All these are needed to ensure a healthy connection between body and mind.

Benefits of Pilates Exercise

Pilates exercise can help a person achieve significant body transformation within a short time. Those who have already begun to do these exercises will always tell of how advantageous they are. Apart from teaching the entire body to function cooperatively, Pilates also promotes balanced muscle growth and development. While its primary focus is the body’s powerhouse, the type of strength that it produces cannot exist by itself thus the need to build strong muscles with full joints range of movement in the body.

What a greater motion range does is to elongate muscles, thereby resulting in a leaner and more elegant look. When muscles are longer, there is better joint mobility and muscle elasticity. As such, the body can bend or stretch without sustaining injuries.


The most striking merit of Pilates, however, is that it is versatile. It can meet the needs of people with varying health concerns. Whether it be for fitness, the building of strength, or any other thing, Pilate’s exercises can be tweaked to meet the desired requirements of the user. Typically, a Pilate’s session will involve a series of exercises done in a specific order.

The last benefit, especially for beginners, is that Pilates uses the person’s body weight as resistance. Besides, most of these workouts are done in a sitting or reclining position. Thus, they will not wear your joints out and will not be so tiring. Of course, there are stages where the exercises get difficult—like when full body weight bearing is incorporated. However, you don’t need to do this if you don’t want to.

What is a Pilate Reformer?

The Pilates reformer was invented by a man named Joseph Pilates. This invention was inspired by his need to develop his fitness program using the equipment. What the machine does is to increase the effectiveness of the workouts. It does this by creating the right amount of resistance to challenge the body successfully. Working with a Pilate’s reformer requires the user to follow specific rules and guidelines to ensure proper body alignment.

Components of a Pilates Reformer

The Carriage

The carriage has a bed-like appearance. The modern versions of these reformers bear much semblance with Joseph Pilate’s first reformer. What he used as the carriage was a hospital bed with springs. Usually, the user is always positioned in this area while exercising. The user may however either be sitting, lying, kneeling or standing on it. There’s a wheel underneath the carriage that allows it to move to and for inside the frame.

The springs

As a component of the AeroPilates reformer, the springs provide dynamic variable resistance. They are connected to only one end of the carriage. To control the amount of resistance, one can either hook or unhook the springs. One cool thing about it is that no matter the position you are on the carriage, the spring can allow resistance from any direction which gives you the liberty to strengthen your muscles from all angles.

The Gear

This component is another option for adjusting the total resistance of the reformer. The gear does this by changing the distance between the spring and the carriage end. In situations where more than one person is using the reformer, the gear will be effective for making changes in resistance.

The Footbar

The footbar is used to make the user maintain stability on the carriage while it is in motion. The football is situated at the end of the carriage where the springs are. The fact that this component is named a footbar does not mean it cannot be used with the hands. With this, one can easily get used to the exercises.

The Headrest

Of course, the primary function of the headrest is to provide support to the user’s head and neck. It can be adjusted to provide the head and neck with support no matter the posture they’re in.

The Shoulder Blocks

The shoulder blocks give support to the shoulders. In some cases, the shoulder block can also function as the foot block.

The Ropes

Apart from the fact that the ropes add fun and variety to Pilates, it also offers a multi-directional resistance to engage core stabilisation. They also provide some form of feedback to the users about proper technique.

What is a Pilate Rebounder?

The rebounder is an accessory that allows for a rebounding exercise when the user does the Pilates routine. Rebounding is a cardiovascular workout that requires high intensity and needs a mini trampoline that is called the rebounder. To use this, disconnect the footbar and use the rebounder as a replacement. The rebounder helps to achieve ease for joints while the user exercises. Apart from that, it helps to achieve a comprehensive body workout.

Home Pilates Machine vs. Studio Reformer

Because of the availability of home Pilates, people now have the chance to complete their workout at home. Studio reformers are great; however, home Pilates like aeroplanes xp 556 is just as great. As such, it is left to the user to choose which one is preferable.

The likes of aeropilates 556 vs 557 offer freedom to an extent. Once you’ve learnt the exercises, and you’re confident that you can carry them out on your own, you need not to leave the comfort of your home to workout anymore. You alone would be controlling your workout schedules, and would not need to worry about whether or not your local studio has been opened. There’s also the fact that you get to save money in the long run.

Studio reformers too have some bright sides as they let you meet others who are working out just like you. You can easily get motivated to do more when you see how others are improving. You get to make a friend and enjoy the company of people.

Aeropilates pro xp 556 vs. Aeropilates pro xp 557

The Stamina Aeropilates pro xp 556 is a non-foldable premium machine that is best suited for people who have some familiarity with Pilates. The device is made with steel and has an oak wood trim.  It weighs about 133 lbs. and can support about 330 pounds. The machine is long enough to accommodate tall users. It has a padded headrest and an adjustable footbar.

On the other hand, the Aeropilates pro xp 557 also very similar to the 556. However, it is more suitable for more advanced users. Being the longest Pilates reformer from stamina, it can accommodate people of tall heights too. It is also made from steel and oak wood. It has a set of four variable springs that allow for changing resistance. It also weighs 133 lbs.


Both of these home Pilates machines are good enough to meet your needs. If you have to choose, the 556 which is the less expensive option, it is better. It gives almost the same features as the 557. However, if you think you need the extra features that the 557 has, you can go for it.

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