iRobot Roomba 960 vs 980

Today you’ll find the comparison between iRobot roomba 960 vs 980 – The two latest Roomba robot vacuum cleaners.

Let’s check which one will be better to buy.

All right in this video we’re going to pick the robot roomba 980 against the roomba 960. the fights going to go something like this around wireless cry sound to the various features around three specifications.

Around for what’s in the box and ground fire the amazon reviews so i’m going to go through and list any kind of common issues that came up in the amazon reviews whether they were good or that so let’s get started all right around one is list price the room and sixty ways in at six hundred and ninety nine sellers and the ninth eight he comes in and eight hundred and ninety nine

dollars both of them have one year in limited warranty but you do need to make sure to buy them from an official vendor the links in the description of this video or to the official

i robot amazon these genes for both of these vacuums [SMACK]

so you can be sure to get the warranty this rub was pretty easy we have to give it to the and sixty next round is features

now both the ninety in the nine sixty used the brand new

two i have that to point on navigation with visual localization what that means is they have cameras and sensors

and they never got by developing a map and then developing a cleaning routine that’s very systematic and very deliberate

this is different than the previous versions of the room is where they were more and less

and them in their approach to navigation they differ in

the cleaning system itself the room nine sixty

this is the air force three stage cling system and the nine any users

there are a force cleaning system with power boost the difference here is basically power they used the same dual brush design but the

and a t is more powerful in fact it is five times more powerful than the roomba

sixty they both can be connected to the wi fi they both have an app where you can schedule cleanings remotely

they both have amazon alexei and google is system capability for voice control they built have the virtual wall

there is for barricades these are the things that he set up by doors to prevent the from going in that room the difference here is that the nine sex

the only includes one of those virtual wall barriers and the night eighty include

two of them they both automatically recharge in resumed the previous task so because these vacuums are not random they have a system that the

he used clean your house it’s important that they remember what they did before

[UM] lee recharge so that they can resume and they both have that people have edge squeaking brushes for cleaning the edges

they will have a did tangling technology that goes have cliff detection so they’re not going to

fall off your stairs you don’t need to put the virtual while there by stairs they can sense it them

ourselves they both have a full been indicator and they both have a dirt spotty mechanism they claim to know

were particularly dirty area

use of the floor or so i think you have to give around to to the room and nine eighty because it is five times more powerful than the nine six

he and includes one extra virtual wall very are moving on

to the specifications now they’re basically the same in many respects he said

yet for the cleaning time or the battery life the

from burned sixty has seventy five minutes

and the room benign haiti has one hundred and twenty minute so quite a bit longer those numbers can vary depending on whether they’re cleaning carpet or not but that’s been pretty much

that people have been experiencing and the reviews they are basically the same way they are exactly the same height at three point six inches and they have basically the same been size it

so point six leaders the filter is exactly the same

in the air force high efficiency ninety nine percent at ten my

sounds so you have to give this around to the room nine haiti because of the extra for

five minutes of battery life moving onto accessories what’s in the box basically they have exactly the same things

charging stations extra filters extra brush but the room benign haiti does include

one extra virtual wall barrier which means that the nine haiti also takes around for so the final around

and his reviews i went through a ton of reviews and tried to pick out in the items that came up frequently enough for it probably to be an issue whether that be good or bad starting with the good both of them

now we’re crazed for the new navigation system people seem to generally like

the new systematic mapping way that it cleans as opposed to

the more random way of previous generations similarly people were generally positive about its cleaning ability very few people were saying that it just clean

well or anything like that it was mostly positive about cleaning now the cars

was are actually pretty similar to both of them were said

to not always find the charging stations after it’s done so it would be stuck or anything it would just get kind of last and not make it back to the charging system again these are kind of the minority of reviewers

his but there were enough to making note of it