How to Make Money in Sports Betting

sports betting

States like Missouri and Kansas have not yet legalized sports betting. Nevertheless, they are trying. In May, the Senate finance committee approved a bill, but the issue of tribal exclusivity has stalled negotiations. The legislature has not passed the bill, and it seems as if the state will have to wait until 2023. Meanwhile, neighboring Missouri hasn’t made any progress in sports betting, after failing to reach a compromise with local casinos.

Over/Under betting

If you’ve ever bet on sports, you’ve probably heard of Over/Under sports betting. These bets are made on the total number of goals scored and goals allowed by both teams. While these might not be as compelling as, say, a horse race or a golf tournament, these are still viable options for those who love to bet on the game’s outcome.

One benefit of Over/Under sports betting is the ability to make a combination bet. For example, you can bet on an NBA team to win and the total number of points scored by each team. These two bets work very well together, as the outcome of the game is often determined by the total number of points scored.


Parlays are a great way to make money in sports betting by placing multiple bets on one team. However, you should remember that the payouts on parlays tend to be less than their true odds. You should aim to find parlays with higher payouts to maximize your winnings. The math behind parlays can be complicated, and it’s best to avoid placing a parlay on a game that you’re already fairly confident in.

Parlays can include multiple sports but can’t contain futures bets or prop bets. A straight bet involves picking a team to win a game, cover the spread, or cover the total. Depending on the type of parlay, you can include multiple sports in one bet. Just make sure that all bets in the parlay are straight bets, not spread or prop bets.


Teasers are a type of parlay, which means you are betting on more than one game. The more games you bet, the higher the payout. But they also carry a higher risk. This is why teasers are not suitable for every sports betting bettor. A teaser is not a good bet if you have little experience with parlays or are looking to try something new.

Most teaser bets are worth taking if the odds on both teams are right. You can try taking an underdog at a -6 price, but make sure the odds are correct. Otherwise, you might get burned if the underdog springs an upset.

Legalization of sports betting

Legalization of sports betting in the United States is a hot topic these days. Since New Jersey won a landmark case in the Supreme Court last May, various state legislatures have taken up the issue. And now the federal government is taking notice as well. In September, the House Judiciary Committee held a formal hearing on the issue.

Legalization of sports betting has a number of benefits for the sports industry. For one, it will provide new revenue streams for racetracks, casinos, and online wagering sites. At the same time, it will create ethical issues and need for ongoing oversight.